The Oral History of the Pop Group


The Oral History of the Pop Group: The Noisy Brits Who Were Too Punk for the Punks. While London was calling, these Bristol teenagers responded with dub, avant-jazz and noise — and inspired everyone from Nick Cave to Nine Inch Nails.

PJ Harvey provokes outrage when guest-editing Radio 4s Today programme


“It is the annual custom of the Today team to invite a series of celebrity guest editors to shape their programmes over Christmas and New Year and yesterday the guest was none other than PJ Harvey, the brilliant English rock star, artist and writer, who set the nation all a-quiver both with her news agenda – which included long-term problems of torture and British involvement in the arms trade, more immediate concerns with current austerity policies and attacks on the NHS, and almost nothing from the familiar daily menu of pseudo-crises thrown up by the popular press – and with her choice of contributors, which included such controversial figures as Julian Assange of Wikileaks, and the radical journalist John Pilger.”

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